Five Minute Friday: Heal


Gentle Reader,

First, I’m releasing a book next month and I’d love for you to be on my team.

Second, there’s now a Facebook page for this here blog.

Third, Kate says: heal.


Eight scars.

The big one, stretching from sternum, down around rib cage, nipping at the edge of my waist.

Little ones, two in my belly button, forming a lowercase “t” shape.

So much story, stretched tight across skin that will never respond to touch the same way again. Yet not the whole story.

What we can see tells us so little. I was reminded of this just a few hours ago in a grocery store parking lot. I’ve been driving my husband’s enormous truck all week because my car is stupid (read: has major problems that aren’t worth fixing because the fixing is equal to the worth of the car). I had to pick up a couple of things after work today, and of course the place was crawling with people. I cautiously pulled the beast into a space in the back corner, knowing that I would probably have to pull forward, then back up a little before I could freely exit.

This is exactly what happened. I got in and out of the store as fast as I could. Surprisingly for the just-after-work-has-ended hour, everyone was pleasant. I stashed my goods in the back seat, took the running leap necessary to achieve the vault required for me to reach the driver’s side seat and was ready to go. Pulled forward, then smoothly moved into reverse.

Out of nowhere an older man in an equally large truck appeared between me and the curb. His window was rolled down and he was yelling at me. A blind person could have seen that I was uncomfortable and doing my best, but, noooooooo! He had places to be and things to do and I was in his way and he was just going to bull on through.

Confession: I yelled back. There were some blue words. He didn’t hear me. But still.

None of us can see beyond the surface. We don’t know what someone else is going through. We don’t know what has wounded them. We don’t know how or where or why they bleed. It takes effort, a deliberate slowing down, for us to even catch a glimpse.

I wonder tonight how my very human tendency to stay at the surface has hindered healing, for myself and for others. What has God wanted to deal with and I’ve refused to go there with Him? What deeper pain has someone needed to express, needed me to listen to, and I’ve been too busy or too impatient? When have I yelled back when I needed to be silent? When have I withheld when I needed to move forward?

God is masterful and creative. Healing can come through any avenue, in any shape, He deems fit. Wonder of wonders, He often allows us to participate in that. In our own healing. In bringing healing to others.

We just have to look beyond the scars. Read past the first page of the story.


I hate self-promotion. I really do. It’s not fun for me to ask you to be on my book launch team or to “like” my Facebook page. But I’m learning that’s part-and-parcel of the writing gig when you’re small and unrepresented. (I don’t mind being small and unrepresented. Well, most of the time). Please know that I bear you no ill will if you neither join the team nor like the page. Please also know that you’re welcome to do both or either. I think you’re cool and you’re always welcome.

My journey to faith. (15)

Photo Credit: Jamie Cooper

39 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Heal

  1. Marie,
    because I know how easily I want to help but realistically I am ‘full-time’ teaching this year and don’t want to let you down, know that I’ll be praying your book to launch even if I’m not an active teammate.
    This was an excellent post on seeing the wounds and knowing that hurting people hurt people.
    Love you and so glad you’re able to get out and get groceries and the like! It’s been a blessing to follow your journey with you.


    1. Tammy, I appreciate any help you’re able/willing to give, and need prayer for sure!

      It’s easy for me to forget that most others are like me – just trying to get through the day as best they can. The lashing out, I think, rarely has to do with the specific moment and far more to do with whatever else is going on.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ah, I’m glad that we both told our ‘bad-day-stories’ for FMF today ;). My husband has a beast of a truck and yesterday I had to drive it to Phoenix (for the second time in a week–it’s a seven hour round trip), pick up our trailer (25 feet long, plus monster truck) and THEN my sweetie called and asked if I could drop by the hotel where he had left his iPad two week ago because it would save us oh-so-much time. So I agreed. It wasn’t a simple hotel. It was a gorgeous resort with tiny parking spaces dotted artistically around a very manicured golf course. I ended up parking in the road for 20 minutes and calling the lost and found peeps who graciously brought the iPad out to me. I hate blocking traffic. Then I had to navigate a crowded rush-hour gas station where some guy told me I needed to pull further forward so that the person behind me could fuel up. Hello. My combined length was 44 ft. I think that effectively blocks the person from using the pump behind me. And then I got to drive to the airport and pick my sweetie up. Perhaps all of this stress contributed to my not-so-kind words today. I need to be more patient and find healthier ways to express my stress.


  3. Great writing, friend. Do you mind if I quote you? I read a couple lines that jumped out and would love to link back on my social media. This was raw and honest and I appreciate that. Have a blessed Friday!!!


  4. It seems like there’s a lot of introspection going on tonight. There’s so much going on for everyone. And you’re correct when you mention “We don’t know what someone else is going through.”

    Thanks for sharing.


  5. I’ve had to drive our hoss of a truck every now and then. I love it but parking it is something different. I’m out of my comfort zone then. I’m sorry you had to deal with someone else’s grumpiness. I’m still trying to overcome being a grumpy driver! Congratulations on your book release!


  6. Loved this story! I had a monster truck, once…1958 Ford with huge tires and an enormous engine. I got it cheap because it got six miles per gallon. Three on the highway, and three in the city. I miss that thing! (Barbara does not.)

    I’ll find your FB page and Like it. One question – what exactly does a book launch team do?

    #1 at FMF this week.


    1. Six miles to the gallon?! Oh, my gosh.

      A book launch team does three things: Reads the book before it’s published, tells other people about it and writes a review on Amazon when it comes out. You know what, though, brother? I’m happy to send you a PDF copy (I don’t have printed ones yet) and you don’t have to do a darn thing but enjoy (or not enjoy, as the case may be).


  7. Such beautiful truth here: “We just have to look beyond the scars. Read past the first page of the story.” Thank you for daring to be honest.

    One thing I have been amazed at is God’s opening of my closed and self-centred heart with my girls in relation to this. I was always so quick to look at their behavior, rather than their heart…but I’ve been praying this verse over myself and my family and seeing God show me the pain that lies beneath so many of their outbursts: “Teach me to walk in your way, O Lord, in the light of your truth; give me an undivided heart that I may fear your name.” And very often I’ve been convicted of my own actions which have fueled their behavior, allowing me to sit down and reach their heart: not just pointing out their sinful behavior, but also my own and our joint need to give and accept forgiveness.

    I’m so thankful God is leading me away from a punitive mindset to one of disciplining in grace, where the focus is not on punishing and them being outwardly good, but God convicting their and my hearts and leading us to inward change.


    1. So insightful, Anna. I’ve been in and out of prayer this morning, asking the Lord to show me lies I’ve been embracing the last tough couple of weeks. Isn’t it amazing how quick He is to respond when we’re seeking truth?


  8. Sounds like a stressful situation. I love the link you make though- it is so easy to judge people by what we see on the surface, or just to be too preoccupied to notice that they’re struggling. It does make a big difference if we just take the time to slow down and notice.


  9. Oh girl… this: “We don’t know what has wounded them. We don’t know how or where or why they bleed. It takes effort, a deliberate slowing down, for us to even catch a glimpse.” So good!!!

    (And I am still praying crazy prayers for a new car!) #Iwontstop #Icantstop 😉


  10. We have to look behind the scars. That’s hard sometimes but it is soooo true! What makes it so hard is that in order for us to look past their scars, we have to look pass our own. That is what stops us from looking pass theirs. I love it! Always enjoy your point of view


  11. I hate self promoting myself too, friend! This really spoke to me today: “None of us can see beyond the surface. We don’t know what someone else is going through. We don’t know what has wounded them. We don’t know how or where or why they bleed. It takes effort, a deliberate slowing down, for us to even catch a glimpse.” Thanks. I’m in the 59 spot this week.


  12. Yea for your book!!! I’ve done similar things. Those moments change how we see ourselves and others forever. Because you self-examine with determination to learn from it, the Lord will has already used it for good.


    1. It’s the “determination to learn from it” part that I often skip past too easily. Gotta move from the examining to the doing, otherwise we get suck in condemnation, and that is nothing but destructive.


  13. “What has God wanted to deal with and I’ve refused to go there with Him?” Oooph. Such an honest and important question that will have me thinking for a long time. FMF#69.


  14. My husband drives a beast too. I can so relate to the parking lot “issues.” Thanks for sharing your heart. I think you are right- we miss so many opportunities to be healed and be a part of another’s healing. I pray we learn to pause and see with more clarity. Best wishes on your book launch!



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