Five Minute Friday: Easy

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Gentle Reader,

Gilmore Girls and the Doctor Strange trailer and political asylum.

My people.

Kate says it’s: easy.


Praise the Lord and pass the broccoli!

Saw the doctor this morning to discuss the blood tests I had done on Monday. Nervewracking. I’ve been working really hard at exercising and shifting my diet to about 95% vegetarian, along with taking the medication he prescribed. I wanted good news, but I wasn’t expecting any. It’s been two years, almost to the day, of bad or “meh” news.

So color me every shade of shocked and happy.

The work has paid off! My liver function has improved. Enzyme numbers are down. Still elevated/abnormal, but down. My goal was to lose 10 pounds between my appointment back in February and the one today; I’ve lost 9.5 (and 11.9 total inches between walking and the “21 Day Fix” program). Doctor is very happy with the progress. He’s given me the go-ahead to experiment with going off of the medication. Go back in July for another round of blood tests to see if I need to go back on it.

I will have to be strict about diet and exercise for the rest of my life. I’m not cured. That’s not going to happen this side of eternity unless the Lord decides to intervene in a way He hasn’t already. If I get lazy or too indulgent, it’s all downhill. There’s nothing easy about the days that stretch before me, however many there may be. Getting up early and lacing up the sneakers. One more rep with a little heavier weight. Grunting because that makes you stronger. Food prep and carting a lunchbox with me wherever I go and eating specific things at specific times. Sticking to a bedtime.

Not easy.

But a small price to pay.

Very small.

There may still be a transplant in my future. I can’t predict that. I still have pain. I’m still fatigued. Like I said, not cured. Not easy. But stronger. Braver. I can do what I can do and trust the Lord to give me exactly what I need exactly when I need it.

For He is good and glorious.

And would have still been even if the outcome had been different.


My journey to faith. (15)

Photo Credit: Scott Webb

19 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday: Easy

  1. Marie!
    Ooooh I’ve been waiting to hear your results! Hallelujah! 😀
    And, congratulations on sticking to it. That’s praiseworthy as well! I hope you feel so much more strength with your perseverance and healthy choices.
    I especially enjoyed your way of wrapping this up.
    “For He is good and glorious.

    And would have still been even if the outcome had been different.”
    It seems the common theme this week is struggle and overcoming.
    I’m so glad to know you, even if it’s only the small bit you share on FMF. You are a blessing!
    (#3 on FMF tonight, right behind your lovely face)


  2. Bravo Zulu, Marie. (That’s a flag hoist meaning, well done!)

    You’ll find a lot on this road…and if the transplant is needed, being in good shape will make recovery far, far easier.

    I was seriously fit for most of my life, before I got sick. Olympic-decathalon-level, and it gave me a lot further to fall when the bad stuff started happening.

    So lace up the go-fasts. I’ll be with you in spirit.

    Your neighbour at #1 today


  3. Fantastic news, Marie! Rejoicing with you. Thanks for sharing! And well done on all that hard work! PLUS you wrote a book? Sheesh, girl, you’re on a roll! 😉 Praise God for His mercies.


  4. All your hard work is paying off friend! You are a rockstar! It really makes a difference when we can see the results of our efforts. I’m so glad we have a God we can trust in. I’m over in the #6 spot this week.


  5. All the Happy Emoji’s, Hallelujers, and Jazz Hands, my friend! (Plus this: “If reality TV has taught us anything, it’s that you can’t keep people with no shame down.” ~Liz Lemon)


  6. Oh my friend, I am so happy for you and proud of you. To watch you stand strong and take charge over your illness instead of allowing your illness to rule has been such an encouragement to me. Love ya girl !!!


  7. I am in tears, Marie! I saw some Voxes come throws and have been over my head in life and unable to check them out. But I just saw this link and prayed for good news as I clicked it. I am proud of you and so excited that this dedication has paid off. It’s so “not easy” having to live outside what we consider the norm, but the extra work and change of the “normal” pace pays off. My prayers will continue for you to be lifed up and to be given the strength you need to keep going. 💕


  8. Like Kate said in her post – He never promised easy. I am so glad you are dedicated to doing all that YOU can do. Marie (that’s my middle name btw) thank you for the presidential nomination – or was it Marisa? But, I’m going to decline…. xo


  9. Oh, love this: “Like I said, not cured. Not easy. But stronger. Braver. I can do what I can do and trust the Lord to give me exactly what I need exactly when I need it.” Wonderful post, and I’m so glad you got good news! I’m coming to you from FMF spot 8 🙂


  10. Congratulations. Fabulous news and I give thanks to God for His mercy.

    Puzzled, though. What do the Gilmore Girls and the trailer for the upcoming Dr. Strange movie have to do with anything? Also intrigued by the photo of the woman doing leg presses. One of your exercises?

    I’ve used a machine like that before, and it scared the daylights out of me each time I sat down in it. Once you unlock the plate, the only thing keeping all that weight from smashing you flat is your legs. And if you can’t press the plate all the way back when you’re ready to stop, you won’t be able to lock it into position again.


    I prefer a barbell in the squat rack any day. If I get caught at the bottom of the “bucket” and can’t push up to a standing position again, with the safety bars in place, I just rest the barbell on the bars and crawl out from under.

    Glad to hear about your good news. It isn’t easy, but we do have more control of our health if we choose to exercise it (no pun intended). 😉


  11. That is so good to hear! Keep up the good work!

    I’m sorry you will have to be so careful with your diet and exercise for the rest of your life. I admire your attitude and perseverance.


  12. That’s great! I’m so glad to hear your good news and that, although it hasn’t been easy, all your hard work has led to such a great improvement.


  13. Marie, I’m glad you got back encouraging news from the doctor. You are being very intentional about your health. I know it’s because you have to, but you are an inspiration. I’ve been intentional about what I don’t eat for years (gluten and dairy free, anyone?) As I’ve grown older, I’ve reacted to more foods. I’m finding that when I am grain free, my body feels best. And sugar free? That’s the hard one, but I feel good when I’m not consuming that sweet stuff.

    Since I had surgery, exercise hasn’t been much a part of my regimen (except my PT exercises). But, as I grow stronger, I’m going to be intentional about walking. It’s going to take time I don’t really have, but I want to do what’s best for me. If that makes sense. Exercise has never come easy but when we have incentive, we’re more willing to do the hard things, aren’t we?

    Keep up the great work, friend. 🙂


  14. You have a wonderful perspective and articulate yourself well! Continue sharing your story! You will impact more than you know, I am sure!



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