- God is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. This is a mystery, but it is also truth.

- man is born with a fallen nature and possesses a drive to rebel. The loving action of the Holy Spirit known as prevenient grace, or the grace that goes before, prepares and enables the sinner to choose God, who we cannot choose on our own.

- the atonement through Jesus Christ is offered to the whole of humanity, regardless of race, gender, class or past.

- those who do not repent and acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Savior will be eternally separated from Him.

- the Old and New Testament Scriptures are an authentic and reliable record of events, people, places, etc., but most importantly contain all truth necessary to faith and Christian living.

- individuals should study Scripture, but never apart from the community of faith. We each need the input of other believers, both within our own congregations and the long history of Christianity, to aid in a proper understanding of the text.

- the Holy Spirit dwells within believers and speaks to them to convict, guide and comfort.

- believers are enabled by God to have victory over sin. We do not have to live defeated lives and should not continue in willful sin if we are in relationship with Christ. We are to be submitted to Him, recognizing that He has the authority to create the boundaries and define the way.

- the Christian life should be marked by growth in peace and love toward all.

- the Lord will one day return, the dead will be raised and the final judgment will take place.


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