What They Don’t Tell You About College

Gentle Reader,

We’ve all been told that it’s necessary to have a college degree to get a good job.

But what happens when you and your significant other do have good jobs and you still can’t make the student loan payments?

If I had to do it over again, I’d still go to Regent University. I enjoyed the two years I “spent” there, via the online program. I had great teachers, got to have interesting interactions with people from the whole breadth of the Christian faith and made a life-long friend in the process. Starting out as an English major with the intent of teaching at the secondary level, I quickly switched to theology, knowing that this was the path I was supposed to pursue. I also knew that I wasn’t likely to become a CEO with that kind of degree, but I’ve never wanted to be a CEO, so that was okay.

I’m thankful that my husband went back to school shortly before I did, because he definitely wouldn’t be in human resources at a growing hospital if he hadn’t pursued business. He loves his job, he’s good at it and there’s no telling where he might go.

Learning is a good thing. Going to college is a good thing.

The government student loan program is not a good thing.

Will someone please explain to me why entities like Sallie Mae base your monthly payments on your gross income when everyone knows that isn’t what you take home? Chris and I don’t live extravagantly, but even the basics are¬†expensive. ¬†There’s just no way that we can pay $400+ between our two sets of loans. Here’s the really fun part: His loans are through Sallie Mae as well. He submitted the EXACT SAME INFORMATION as I did and saw his loan payment cut nearly in half.

Mine’s be lowered twice, first by $5 and then by $60.

If I couldn’t pay $291, why on earth would they think I could pay $226?

Go to college and get a good job…except a job with a decent living wage is becoming a rare thing. Pay for college with student loans…except you’ll never be able to pay them back.

When did education become a racket?

Grace and peace along the way.


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